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SaBo has been in business since 2010.


SaBo is a partner in supporting the growth of small and mid-cap businesses. From alternative cash flow solutions to seed/angel capital to creative financing for unique scenarios, the SaBo team can empower your business with the resources required to get to the next level. We look forward to discussing your vision for your business and helping accomplish those objectives.


Whether you are an individual looking to diversify a portfolio or a small business looking for short term cash management solutions, SaBo can help structure an investment opportunity with you to provide excellent returns, while broadening your scope of investments.

Our investors are typically those who are looking for a secure way to deploy cash within their portfolio, without tying money up for long periods. We offer an attractive alternative for investors looking for investments not linked to the stock, bond or commodity markets.

Flexible time frames and rates add liquidity and safety to your investment. SaBo can add value to your portfolio by diversifying your assets to sectors where most people have no current allocation.


SaBo has been a partner in growing businesses and providing unique investment opportunities to our investors since 2010. With offices in Chicago, IL and Toledo, OH, and a network across the globe, we are ready to help you achieve your goals!


Adam Salon

Managing Partner

David Bowen

Managing Partner

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